One-Punch Man 2 “Trailer” Leaves Much To Be Desired

One-Punch Man 2 "Trailer" Leaves Much To Be Desired
Image Via: 'One-Punch Man Season 2 Special Announcement' Trailer

At long, long last we finally have a release date for the mega-smash hit, parody comedy One-Punch Man 2 (OPM2). The April 2019 release announcement came at the end of a “trailer” released by J.C. Staff production in mid-August.

…This is the trailer?

I don’t know how this is a trailer—this is a teaser if anything, and I’m feeling rather uneasy about it. There are 20 seconds of flashbacks from last season, five screens of joke text, a still image, and a release date. Even if this is an attempt to “take the p*ss” out of huge release trailers and downplay the whole thing, the joke falls flat. It looks like they haven’t done anything yet.

So let’s parse what we can out of this…”trailer.”

One-Punch Man 2 "Trailer" Leaves Much To Be Desired
Image Via: ‘One-Punch Man’ 4th PV

As he lived up to his moniker at every opportunity last season, Saitama, aka One-Punch Man, will have a new nemesis in Season two. This new supervillain is named Garou, a former student of Silver Fang who was expelled from his dojo for going on a rampage. He hates heroes and loves monsters. Due to these two traits, he is commonly known as the Human Monster and Hero Hunter.

The Second Season of One-Punch Man has had its fair share of setbacks. Just 11 months ago, One-Punch Man parted with Director Shingo Natsume (Space Dandy) at Studio Madhouse and arrived at J.C. Staff production for first-time Director Chikara Sakurai.

It’s still unknown which streaming platform will get the rights to air/simulcast the series.

The original One-Punch Man was simulcast via Hulu in America, and that is the very least we should hope for. OPM2 is a large enough title that Netflix could easily flex their wallet and get exclusive rights. Hell, Netflix still has season one streaming right now. This isn’t that far of a stretch. Which means that April airdate suddenly becomes September, and NOBODY wants that.

Let’s just hope we get more out of the next trailer. Maybe six text cards.


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