One-Punch Man: Season 2: New Rumors (And Spoilers!)


Y’know what’s interesting about One-Punch Man?

Great stories typically make their protagonist go through some hardship before they succeed in the end. One-Punch Man’s Saitama never really does that. He just punches everyone into jelly without breaking a sweat.

Apparently audiences don’t care about their heroes growing as individuals. People love One-Punch Man. So much so that Yusuke Murata is hard at work on the second animated series.

While the second installment is still months (or years) away, rumors have already begun swirling around social media. If so, just stop reading.


No.1. Korea Portal reports that Saitama might lose his superpowers at some point. That would be an interesting side story and could go in several directions.

OPM artwork
Awesome One-Punch Man fan art.
Image source: Silly Masochist via Sketchport

No. 2. Another source reports that Garou (a strong guy from the manga) might take a central role as a main villain. Others claim that Lord Boros, who was smashed into space pudding at the end of season 1, might somehow return with a larger squad of nasty fighters.

You may also remember tensions rising between Saitama and Amai Mask at the end of the show. Expect that to turn into something. Amai Mask could be the new series villain, although others could certainly fill those shoes.

I’m rooting for this last rumor – it’s definitely the juiciest.

A villain named Lord Psykos creates a Monster’s Association that acts as the counterweight to the Hero Association. As monsters join and fight heroes to improve rank, we’d get to know a regular cast of baddies for Saitama to pummel into stains.

A Monster’s Association would certainly lead the series in a new direction. It would introduce more characters and story arcs, and would give the series creator’s a number of directions to move the show into.

If you want to get WAY ahead of the animated series, pick up the manga from Amazon. Otherwise, learn patience cause it’s gonna be awhile.

In the meantime, I’m rooting for Monster’s Association over Amai Mask and Boros. You?


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