Anime Film Passes Avengers: Infinity War in Japanese Box Office

Anime Film Passes Avengers: Infinity War in Japanese Box Office
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Infinity War has broken records in almost every country that it has been released. It has been sitting at the top of the charts for weeks… except for in Japan.

In a surprise that no one could have predicted, one little anime movie has outsold the Avengers in Japan’s box office.

That’s right. Looks like Detective Conan: Zero the Enforcer has risen to battle Marvel’s greatest heroes and apparently won. This anime film features detective Conan investigating a large explosion and terrorists attacks that happen in Tokyo before a big Summit Meeting.

Detective Conan sold 453,000 tickets on its opening weekend, 16,000 more than Infinity War did on its opening weekend. This is the 22nd feature in the Case Closed series. (Funnily enough, that’s nearly the same number as Marvel’s Avengers films.)  All of them are based on the original manga of the same name, which has sold 200 million copies and published over 1,000 chapters.

The anime follows the adventures of a high school detective, Jimmy Kudo, that often works with the police to solve crimes. After investigating a criminal syndicate known as the Black Organization, Jimmy is attacked and poisoned. The poison changes him into a young boy and he adopts the name Conan to protect his true identity. The series follows the detective Conan as he solves crimes and mysteries all across their fictional version of Japan.

It has spawned the long running manga series, anime series, video games, live-action adaptation, and the now 22 films. It might not be the biggest manga ever or even the most popular, but it was still enough to beat America’s best efforts.

Suffice to say, the passion of anime fans is hard to beat. 


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