Overlord Goes Mobile: Are You Ready to Enter YGGDRASIL?

Overlord Goes Mobile: Are You Ready to Enter YGGDRASIL?
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Want to brave the crazy world of YGGDRASIL, but don’t want to get stuck in an MMO forever? We’ve got you covered. Or, rather, the new Overlord game has you covered.

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In Another World with My Demon Lord

The story of Overlord will probably sound a little familiar, even if you’ve never seen the show before.

A gamer named Momonaga has just discovered that his favorite MMO, YGGDRASIL, is shutting down. Rather than logging out, he opts to stay in until the bitter end. But when server shutdown time rolls around, Momonaga isn’t booted out. He’s still there. And the NPCs are starting to develop personalities of their own.

Yep, it’s another isekai story. But now our typical dark-haired hero is stuck in his in-game form: a big skeleton demon… thing named Ainz Ooal Gown. And with his in-game abilities and powers, he sets out to rule the world of YGGDRASIL.

With his hot demon waifu by his side, of course.

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Join the Adventure

The world of Overlord -MASS FOR THE DEAD- requires one slight change: you’re now a second player who remained logged in to YGGDRASIL. So when the server goes down but the world of the game goes on, you’re by Ainz Ooal Gown’s side. And the world of the game is your oyster.

Will you and Momonaga be allies? Rivals? Enemies? Can you really trust an otaku-turned-giant-skeleton? The actual gameplay so far is pretty vague, but it’ll be interesting to see what happens when a second human is stuck in the world of the game.

Of course, there are Twitter campaigns surrounding the release. A few lucky fans will win voice actor autographs, and one will take home a life-sized reproduction of the Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown. Not bad.

So far, there’s no word as to whether Overlord -MASS OF THE DEAD- will be localized outside Japan.

But if it ever comes our way, we can’t wait to explore the world of YGGDRASIL for ourselves!




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