“Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen” Singer Gets His Own Anime

"Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen" Singer Gets His Own Anime
Image source: Pikotaro Twitter

At the height of its power, Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen (PPAP) by Pikotaro was the #1 song in Japan. It was the #5 song in Belgium. Its craze was so huge that it hit #77 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. Pikotaro (played by Japanese comedian, Daimaou Kosaka) absolutely took the world by storm in late 2016 to early 2017. Now that craze has transcended the music medium… because Pikotaro is getting his own anime.

Oh, you haven’t seen PPAP? Well, it is my absolute pleasure to be the one to show you Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0E00Zuayv9Q]

You’re welcome.

I won’t sit here and lie to you—I love PPAP. I love the absurdity of it and how all my friends react the same way to it. But why exactly is Pikotaro getting his own anime and what in God’s name could it possibly be about? Luckily or unluckily, I have some answers.

Thanks to our friends at Kotaku, we know the show will be called Pikotaro no Rarabai Raarabai (Pikotaro’s Lullaby Luuullaby) (PLL)The syllabic extension does not fill me with confidence. Apparently, PLL will be voice entirely by Pikotaro himself and will revolve around his fairy-tale-esque dreams. Each episode will only be three minutes long. I have no clue how. Will there even be an intro or credits?

"Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen" Singer Gets His Own Anime
Image source: Pikotaro Twitter

And even better yet, PLL will debut this summer in Japan. The spring schedule wraps up after next week; does this mean his show debuts in two weeks? God, I hope so.

But to be completely honest, this is riding the wave if I’ve ever seen it. I really hope this anime is as absurd as PPAP. But he’s really pushing this one song a long way. Not to trash the guy, because I mean this, good for him. It has to feel incredible to create something the world loves. But have you seen his other work? I’m just not seeing it. 

Well, love the idea of this or not, the anime debuts this summer. If you’re pumped for this, let us know. At three minutes a clip, I’ll end up watching this.



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