Persona 5 Anime Is Inbound!

Persona 5 Anime is Inbound!

It feels like it has been ages since I last saw the OVA special for Persona 5 back when it launched in September. Now, Atlus has officially announced the brand new anime for Persona 5 will take flight this coming 2018!

Even better, we get to have Studio A-1 Pictures behind the wheel as the driving animator for the series. Persona 5 is a game that I have sunk 50+ hours into alone (and that is barely even scratching it). Sure I did have a bit of a sour spot with Atlus due to their less than favorable streaming/let’s play video rules. You essentially could show content up to a certain date, afterwords you would risk being slapped with a copyright claim.

With that being said, I am still loving the game all the way down to the last drop. That OVA that had originally aired with the anime was only a one shot run and while it had a 24 minute or so run, it just wasn’t enough… I NEED MORE.

Thankfully we only need to wait one year for it to finally show up.

The big question on anime enthusiasts minds is… “Who is going to grab that license?” It wouldn’t surprise me to see either Amazon or Netflix in the running. They both have been trying to shove their foots into the larger anime market and have done vaguely well. I’m stilly quite salty over how Netflix handled Little Witch Academia this past year (even though I loved the series). The included trailer will showcase that front runner CV’s for the various characters. I totally cannot wait to see all my waifu’s in action on the big screen.

Persona 5 Anime is Inbound!
Me, when I saw the announcement.





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