Persona 5: The Kausus Review

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We got it, we played it and we sure as hell enjoyed our romp through Persona 5. IF you have any ounce of love and admiration for solid JRPG’s or anime, you need to check this game out. Worry not, we’re laying out some delicious points as to why this game deserves your hard earned cash (or allowance money). First, get the game overview with our pal Brent Mercer.

  1. It is an interactive anime. There isn’t much more needing to be said, live your anime life, yo.
  2. It has one of the most funky scores in a video game. Funky meaning hip, jazzy and fresh.
  3. Dungeon Crawling/High School life simulator. Fighting and reliving your high school days? Sign us up.

What truly allows Persona 5 to shine a cut above other JRPG titles is its attention to detail. The cut-scenes are like sitting around and enjoying an anime and the user interface is just simply gorgeous. The game is wholesomely a cut above all other games and we like that. Its sense of humor is dark, perverse and laced with mythology from various cultures; it’s like sitting through high school history all over again. Speaking of, you will be sitting through classes and actually learning something as the game will throw curve ball questions at the player, forcing them to pull from their old high school knowledge… Which…we know you will look it up online.


But that is a absolutely, delightful aspect to the game. You need to try and balance your school life, social/work life and then your swanky as hell dungeon-crawling life. The more we think about it, the more Persona 5 turns out to be a more legit version of The Sims; just a lot more anime-esque. It has a story that captivates and while we are personally only 6 hours in, we are loving every moment of it thus far!

Persona 5 launched worldwide with 2 editions, standard and Take Your Heart editions. Each one will set you back 59.99USD or 89.99USD (we personally purchased the swanky as heck Take Your Heart Edition).

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