Pierce The Heavens With Stylish “Gurren Lagann” Separates

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If you love fashion and anime and haven’t heard of SuperGroupies… prepare to get happy. The fashion-forward company lets you pay tribute to your favorite anime characters in style! Previous campaigns have paid tribute to THE iDOLM@STER, Cowboy Bebop, Ranma 1/2, and even Godzilla! And with their latest collection, you can style it up like Yoko or Kamina in everyday life.

Who Do You Think They Are!?

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If you went around actually dressed like Yoko or Kamina outside a con, it might cause a bit of a stir. But the new SuperGroupies coordinates “everyday clothes” for the two characters based both on their personalities and their imagery.

Kamina’s understated gray jacket and white sneakers might not seem very “Kamina” at first. But all his accessories, down to his glasses frames, have imagery from his signature costume. SuperGroupies offers a jacket, sneakers, watch, glasses, and dress shirt to complete his style. According to the designers, the overcoat ensemble is meant to keep his burning soul warm.

As for Yoko, her “sweet and spicy” personality lent itself to a mix of styles. Ladies can sport a satin jacket, cut-and-sewn shirt, necklace, bracelet, and knit hat full of her imagery. From the angry little skull on the hat and necklace to the flames on the bracelet, it’s definitely a Yoko combo!

Bringing It To Life

(Source: SuperGroupies)

The models got in the full swing of it, too!

While the listing offers some “civilian” looks for the ensembles, you can also see “in-character” looks to match the art. And, as an extra bonus, the models went full anime in Kamina and Yoko’s series outfits!

Shoppers who come to the SuperGroupies store during the limited-time Gurren Lagann campaign can pick up bromides of the characters and models. And if you’re curious about the photo shoot, there’s a blog for that! It’s in Japanese, but there are plenty of photos and videos to get the point across.

Sadly, like most SuperGroupies merch, the gorgeous clothes may be out of many fans’ price range. Their gear tends to fall into the category of “If you need to ask how much it is, you can’t afford it.” But it’s still worth surfing their page for a closer look.

And hey — we can dream, right?

What do you think of Kamina and Yoko’s “real world” looks? Tell us in the comments!

Now Ladies Can Wear Godzilla!


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