Leave Pikachu Alone! What Happened To The Deflating Pokémon?

from USA Today

It’s not often anime can go quite this viral, but an unfortunate Pikachu has managed to do just that. On May 5, video was uploaded of a live Pokémon show in South Korea where, in the midst of a rousing dance to “You Can’t Stop the Beat,” one of the 15 Pikachu onstage started to deflate.

You can see the video here if you’ve somehow missed it.

from BuzzFeed

From this angle, it looks pretty terrible: a man in a white shirt tackles the slowly melting critter, followed by half a dozen Agent Smiths weaving through its dancing siblings to forcibly remove it from the stage. Which makes one wonder — what in the world did this poor Pikachu do to deserve such treatment when it’s clearly having a terrible day?

Fortunately (especially for the dancer in the suit), there’s no need to worry. This wasn’t the worst day ever, but rather a big misunderstanding by security. If you observe this video, taken from a different angle, it becomes obvious that the suits aren’t after the Pikachu, but rather the guy in white! The first on the scene is a handler or stage manager, but apparently security didn’t get the memo; he tackles the guy, but a moment later releases him and begins shielding him from his fellow security guards.

from Laughing Squid

This video is the most recent in the Internet’s strange love affair with giant Pikachu costumes. Videos started making the rounds several months ago, featuring the giant mascots dancing to everything from “Uptown Funk” to “Straight Outta Compton.” And they’re never alone — most of these sightings seem to sport no fewer than a dozen of the giant Pokémon.

So who’s to blame (or thank) for this trend? It could be the city of Yokohama, which hosts an annual “Pikachu Outbreak.” The giant mascots roam the town, as well as appearing in the event’s centerpiece: a parade, complete with synchronized dancing. Judging by the number and variety of videos popping up, it would seem the infestation is spreading!

At least if the outbreak ever spreads to South Korea, we know their security teams are on top of things.



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