Planning A Trip To Japan? Know This.

If you’re a fan of Japanese culture and anime, odds are you’d love to get to visit there someday (I’ve never been there myself, but dammit I will). 

I can confess that I still have a lot to learn about Japan; I mean you can’t just buy a ticket, Google the best place for ramen and call it a day. There are plenty of places to look up touristy things to do, but what about the little important stuff? The details that will make you feel like you’re in a true immersion?
Do you know about the underground malls? When the metro closes and opens? Did you know that tattoos are seriously frowned upon in certain places? Which phrases you need to learn? When to wear or not wear your shoes? has made it simple for all of us, showcasing the top 24 things you should know before traveling to Japan. My personal favorite tip here is #20, about how big of a difference a small gift can make in your interactions with strangers there (presents are always a good idea, guys).

A few highlights:
1. It’s real safe there. I mean, top 10 list safe.
2. Have plenty of cash on hand: Most restaurants and shops only accept paper yen.
3. The Japanese rail pass is basically a golden ticket: Get one.

Make some notes before you plan your big trip.

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