Pokemon GO Creators Developing Harry Potter Mobile Game

harry potter mobile game
(Source: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment)

The company behind Pokemon GO, Niantic, is set to create the magic all over again with the world of Harry Potter. If there’s any fanbase that can compete with the likes of Pokemon, it’s this.

As you know, Pokemon Go is one of the biggest success stories of the mobile gaming industry. It changed the way we look at augmented reality games. It was also one of the few mobile games that actually encouraged people to get out of their homes and out into the world. The social aspect of the game altered the idea of the lonely introverted gamer.

Pokemon Go is not quite the worldwide rage that it once was (no thanks to its event bust), but it reports tens of millions of users every day.  As this is still in the early stages, details on the game itself are pretty scarce, but we do know that the current working name for it is Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

With a bit of speculation it is easy to imagine how the wizarding world of Harry Potter could be adapted to fit into the model created by Pokemon Go. There are already Hogwarts’ houses for everyone to fit into and root for, just like the red, yellow, and blue teams of Pokemon. I imagine a Pokemon battle with other players will not be that far off from a possible wizard’s duel within the new game. It has been announced that Niantic is working with Warner Bros. Interactive’s new offshoot company called Portkey Games to develop this new project.

The biggest problems with the Pokemon Go game weren’t all of the glitches and bugs, it was slow response time that Niantic fixed them in. With the support of a massive company like Warner Bros., it sounds like they should have a well staffed team in place to handle all of the bumps along the road.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will reportedly drop sometime in 2018.

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