Power Girls: Blue Submarine No. 6

Today, we’re headed back to 1960 to enjoy one of the greatest manga of its time.

Its 2000 anime is an industry standout thanks to its 3D digital animation – taking mecha anime to a whole new level. Plus, who doesn’t want to watch sea mutant combat?!

Aside from the fact that its depiction of the end of the world as we know it probably being accurate…The 4-episode series is an immediate winner because of its power girls! Mayumi and Mei-Ling take fierce to a whole new level.

blue submarine no 6 Mayumi Kino is a serious power-girl, as head strong as it gets. She’s suffered great loss in her life and channeled that energy to fight off the bad guys. …One of those people that looks at the glass half full.

blue sub power girlsThen there’s Mei-Ling Huang. At the tender age of 10 years old, she’s the only person on her crew that can use a sonometer that uses the “Lorenzini System”. Throw in psychic ability and the stress of growing up during battle and yes, she does have her “moments”, but dammit, how hardcore were you at that age?!

Take a peek for yourself by streaming the newly added pick on Viewster.com

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