“Princess Tutu” Still Melting Brains 15 Years Later

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What do you get when you combine magical girls, ballet, and the character designer for Magic Users’ Club? A creepy metatextual fairy tale that makes The Dark Tower look straightforward.

It’s safe to say no one expected the bait-and-switch Princess Tutu offered. But fifteen years later, its fan base is still strong — and it’s celebrating its anniversary in style.

Will You Dance With Me?

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Princess Tutu starts off pretty adorable. In a ballet-centric European village, a clumsy little girl named Duck dreams of becoming a great ballerina like her classmate, Rue. Oh, and maybe dating her mysterious handsome classmate, Mytho. But she also has dreams of being a duck and watching Mytho as a prince dancing. Turns out… surprise!

One day, she’s visited by the creepy old writer Drosselmeyer, who informs her that she has the power to turn into the magical Princess Tutu. With the power of dance, she can lure the shattered pieces of Mytho’s heart back together. Because — oh, right, she really was a duck who wished to be human, and Mytho really is a prince and he shattered his heart to seal away an evil giant raven.

Sound crazy? That’s just the start. You’ll benefit more from seeing it yourself, but be ready for face-heel turns, heel-face turns, hidden identities, lies, and the discovery that one of our main characters is fated to die. …Cute!

Fifteen Years Later

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Now, fifteen years after its premiere, Princess Tutu is celebrating its weird and wonderful story with its fans. Sasayuri Cafe will be holding a display of storyboards and other productions during the month of April. And for one day, director Junichi Sato and creator Ikuko Ito will be on hand for autographs!

Additionally, fans can look forward to an orchestral concert celebrating the music of the series. As surreal as the show was, it kept very true to both the technique and the music of ballet. The concert, “Das Goldkronefest,” goes up April 14th in Tokyo.

Are you a Princess Tutu fan? Or will you be checking it out now that you’ve read about it? Let us know in the comments!

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