Rare Games: “GaoGaiGar Blockaded Numbers” Lets You Fight an Orca

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Faithful giant robot fans will have encountered GaoGaiGar in some form over the years — be it via the show itself, a sister show, or its inclusion in several iterations of Super Robot Wars. With 49 episodes, two versions of a sequel OVA, and the failed GaoGaiGo sequel (which still resulted in art and toys), there’s a lot to take in. But there’s still some you may have missed, even if you’re a huge three-G fan.

Behold: GaoGaiGar Blockaded Numbers.

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GaoGaiGar Blockaded Numbers is a PS1 game released in late 1999 and pretty much only obtainable via third-party sellers now. It never saw a Western release, or much of a Western fandom at all. Which is a shame, because it’s actually two bonus episodes of the series!

Sort of.

The game is a mix of new animation, image galleries, and some very PS1-y graphics. As for gameplay? A lot of it is roaming around some very awkward maps, and then playing minigames in order to proceed to the next stage or build up enough power to defeat a monster. There’s some low-level route-splitting, too, depending on how good you are at the games.

So what’s the plot? Well, the first episode (14.5, “Valnar of the Sea”) is all about the gang visiting a sea park on their day off. The orca trainer just so happens to be an old classmate of Guy and Mikoto’s, and had a massive crush on Guy back in the day. Sadly for her, it turns out her beloved orca is a Zonder. Fortunately, there is a happy outcome (and how the old friend’s crush manifests in the end is largely a product of how well you did in the games earlier).

In the second episode (43.2, “Silver Fang, Gold Claw”), our Zonder victims are Taiga and Genki! Now the team must defeat Gold Tiger and Silver Puma using some pretty off-the-wall methods.

Image source: GaoGaiGar Wiki

The playability of this game is… rough, to say the least.  Which is fair, considering it’s a PS1 game. But a lot of the minigames fall under the good ol’ “rage game” heading: they seem innocent enough, but they start to slowly drive you mad. Fortunately, the novelty of the game, combined with hilarious voice acting and even more hilarious new outfits for our leads, more than makes up for the trouble you go to.

Getting your hands on a copy of Blockaded Numbers seems to be extremely easy or downright impossible by turns. Some days there are a dozen for sale at once; others, it’s extremely difficult to find. But if you can find an undamaged copy for a decent price, do yourself a favor and give it a play.

GaoGaiGar Blockaded Numbers is, if nothing else, an absolute riot.

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