Rebuild Of Evangelion Celebrates The Big 1-0 In Style

Rebuild of Evangelion Celebrates the Big 1-0 in Style!
Source: Teatime with Godzilla

We may still be waiting on that last movie, but Rebuild of Evangelion won’t let a delay stop the party.

Back in September, the reboot film franchise celebrated its tenth anniversary. And just a year prior, creator — Hideaki Anno’s new Studio Khara — celebrated its tenth. So what is the robot deconstruction up to now? As it happens, quite a bit.

Talkin’ Eva

March brings with it a variety of goodies for fans at home and abroad. A new tenth anniversary artbook is coming out, for a start. The new publication will feature more than 600 pieces of Rebuild art, including production art, designs, posters, and new pieces.

Rebuild of Evangelion Celebrates the Big 1-0 in Style!
Source: Anime! Anime!

And around the same time, fans can head out for Evangelion 10th Anniversary Furigaeru Night, a live retrospective of the new film series. The event will be hosted by… some ad execs. Yeah, that’s an odd thing. While hardcore fans might recognize the people behind Rebuild‘s ad campaign, it doesn’t seem like a huge selling point.

But. The program lists “surprise guests” in their lineup, too. Could it be they’re simply keeping us in suspense until the final moment? Knowing the weirdness of Eva, this could well be the case.


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