Robots Taking Over Tokyo For 2020 Olympics

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You know how we feel about robots… So when we heard the latest news from Japan’s 2020 Olympic preparation, we knew we had to share it.

In order to showcase how cool the Japanese people are (their words, not ours), visitors of the Tokyo Olympics can expect to arrive at an airport “scattered” with robots to help them. Seven new machines are already performing travel tasks, including helping travelers with luggage to language assistance. For those wondering, one of these little robots is named Cinnamon.

If all goes according to plan, soon it’ll be considered normal for us to interact with the little machines throughout our day at the airport. They’ll be able to help carry our luggage, direct us towards our terminal, and even allows users speak into a furry microphone for instant translations.

robot airport
(Source: AFP)

Plus, the launch of the robots comes as Japan is grappling with a pretty severe labor shortage… As Japan’s “baby boomer” generation ages, these electronic helpers will help fill in the gaps.

For those who happen to be traveling, the robots will be on a trial for a month at Haneda starting January 9th.

With the excitement building, even the Japanese Prime Minister is getting involved. Shinzo Abe wants to stage a “Robot Olympics” in the same year Tokyo hosts the Summer Games. Ideally, the best of the world’s robots would compete, but something tells us this one will exclude Cinnamon.

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