Rooster Teeth News You May Have Missed

Rooster Teeth News You May Have Missed
(Source: RWBY / Facebook)

For those of you who do not know Rooster Teeth, it is my immense pleasure to introduce you to them. You may know Rooster Teeth through their Halo machinima series Red vs Blue, but considering my audience, you may know them much better as the animation studio that produces the anime RWBY and/or RWBY Chibi. (Yes, anime.)

The last few weeks have been HUGE for Rooster Teeth. Their annual festival, RTX Austin, just wrapped up after hosting 65,000+ attendees (that’s not a typo). And as in past years, RT Animation did not disappoint.

1. RWBY Season 5 Premiere Date & Character Short

The premiere date for RWBY season 5 is October 14th. That news has been out for at least a week as of me writing this, but I waited until now to write this because the video dropped today.


Video Via Rooster Teeth YouTube Channel

The video focuses on Weiss Schnee—the W of RWBY. I know this sounds weird considering her weapon is a rapier, but she’s yet to fight like this in the series. It’s gorgeous and flowing like a trained sword fighter should be. I can only hope to see more of this in the show itself.

Given that Weiss is only one of the four main characters of team RWBY, I believe we should see three more character movies like this in the coming months.

2. A New Anime is Coming

Rooster Teeth News You May Have Missed
(Source: Miles Luna Twitter)

I’m still getting goosebumps from this. At RTX Austin, the RWBY panel announced another anime—a mech anime called gen:LOCK. If I didn’t know that gen:LOCK’s writer, Gray Haddock, is a huge Gundam and mech anime fanatic, I might be worried. But we are in highly capable hands here. Sadly, we won’t be seeing gen:Lock until some time in 2018. Honestly, I cannot wait.

3. RWBY Joins the Fray

Admittedly, not as big a bombshell, but BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle was announced at Evo 2017. And well…


Video Via ArcSystemWorks YouTube Channel

Ruby Rose and RWBY have become part of a gigantic video game. I cannot wait to see how they incorporate her High Caliber Sniper-Scythe into the game.

Honestly, it’s impossible for me to remain unbiased when it comes to Rooster Teeth. I’ve watched their content since 2004. I am endlessly rooting for them and celebrate their every success. RWBY is literally free on YouTube. Go watch it. Cry a lot. And get hyped for October 14th! 

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