Sailor Moon Is Making A Hell Of A Comeback

Is it fair to call it a comeback if it’s been a star all along?

Forever iconic anime franchise Sailor Moon has been flooding the world of fandom as of late, from cosmic cakes to cut diamonds and marriage licenses.

And NOW, you can get extra crafty by making your own Sailor Moon chocolates. Picture your own Silver Crystal, Crystal Star Compact, Cutie Moon Rod, and Space-time Key: all from your very own Sailor Moon silicone mold.

sailor moon tray

Manufacturer Premium Bandai doesn’t list the tray as oven-usable, so just grab pre-made chocolate, melt it down, pour it into the mold, and then put it in the freezer to reharden.

OR, opt for a cocktail party instead: The tray can also be made to make ice cubes (with the Silver Crystal slot creating the most dazzling examples… some others look a bit phallic).

You can also use the tray to make frozen juice treats, with the splash of color evocative of the anime’s artwork.


The Sailor Moon Silicone Ice Tray is available online through Premium Bandai here, priced at 1,944 yen (US$17). Sadly, the product won’t ship until March… So no Valentine’s Day gifting options here.

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