Sailor Moon Pumps It Up For “Super Live” Performance

Sailor Moon Pumps It Up For "Super Live" Performance
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And here we thought the 25th anniversary couldn’t get any cooler.

Sailor Moon will be returning as a stage show — referred to as The Super Live — this August. And while we only have a little to go on, we love what we’re seeing!

Girls On Stage

Information on what exactly we can expect to see is sparse — all we know so far story-wise is that it will be a retelling of Naoko Takeuchi’s first Sailor Moon story arc. But the trailer (below) and the poster give off a definite sci-fi/techno vibe. Given the director behind the production, we can absolutely expect something intense.

Japanese dancer and choreographer TAKAHIRO (full name Takahiro Ueno) serves as director and choreographer for the new show. He rose to fame for his inventive hip-hop dancing style, and has accompanied Madonna on tour as a special act. More recently, he’s appeared in music videos with composer and singer Hyadain.

And speaking of Hyadain… he’s making the music for the show! Born Kenichi Maeyamada, he composed for idol groups while carrying on a stealth singing gig on Nico Video under a pseudonym. You may remember him as the guy who sang both male and female voice parts with the help of a filter. Since then he’s revealed his identity and gone on to work under his NicoNico pseudonym.

The show will have three separate lead casts rotating out throughout its run.


Sailor Moon Pumps It Up For "Super Live" Performance
Source: ASEF culture360

Around the World

Sailor Moon the Super Live will be going up in Tokyo in August. But if you’re not in Japan, that doesn’t meant you’re left out!

As part of an international effort to promote appreciation of Japanese culture, The Japan Foundation is currently running Japonismes 2018. The associate program runs from now until February of next year, with a focus on a programs that will expand knowledge of Japan’s art and culture. And a new Sailor Moon stage show featuring modern greats of Japanese entertainment definitely fits that bill!

Fans in France will be able to see the Super Live November 3rd and 4th at the Palais des congrès de Paris. More information will be available soon on the show’s official website.

Are you excited for this new era of Sailor Moon stage shows? Will you be trying for a seat at the Super Live in November? Tell us in the comments!


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