National Pancake Day Is Here: Try Japanese Pancakes

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My Sunday mornings as a child were filled with anime, pancakes, and PJs until at least 2pm. Honestly, having grown up… My Sunday mornings are still filled with anime, pancakes, and PJs until at least 2pm. Sure, I swapped out Sailor Moon for titles like Mushishi and Key The Metal Idol, but honestly past that… Not much has changed.

It’s not Sunday, but it IS #NationalPancakeDay. In honor, I’m making the lightest, fluffiest, softest and MOST GLORIOUS Japanese Pancakes ever.

Here’s the lowdown: The pancake recipe is basically the same recipe you use for regular pancakes, except for:

• You’re going to incorporate super airy egg-whites.

• You’re going to need some ring molds.

If you can handle this, you can handle this must-make recipe.

Honestly, if there’s anything I’ve learned throughout my slow & steady journey into adult fandom, it’s that the Japanese kick our ass when it comes to cuisine. I’ll swap out my beef stew for onabe any day, and it’s no different for breakfast.

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