School Days: The “Horror” You Can’t Watch

When it comes to visual media, I love horror, especially in anime. And over the years, I’ve seen School Days pop up as a recommendation on horror forums. And…wow. This show is crazy.

This show starts as an adorable teenage boy meets teenage girl slice of life anime. A boy (Makoto) sees a girl (Kotonoha) and falls head over heels for her. But like many teenage boys in anime, Makoto is about as skilled at talking to women as a potato. That’s when another girl, Sekai, steps in and plays match maker for the two of them. After securing a date with Kotonoha, Makoto is obviously grateful to Sekai and says he’ll do anything to repay her. And that’s when Sekai bends down and kisses him on the lips. That’s the end of episode ONE.

I’m going to break my rule about not spoiling shows. A synopsis and spoiler will come after the next paragraph.

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This is one of the most divisive shows I’ve ever seen. Reviews on this show go from 1-10 in abundance. Hell, look at this chart from Anime News Network. It’s insanity. I hated this show. HATED IT. And so did a ton of other people (at least 168, to be exact). But tons of other people vehemently disagree with me.

Back to the review.

Pictured here: A train about to go off the rails.

From the end of episode one, this turns into one of the most maddening shows I’ve ever watched. Makoto is the biggest asshole in any show I’ve ever seen. Yes, Makoto. After Sekai kisses him, Makoto gets upset when Kotonoha won’t do the same things Sekai will. This leads to Makoto cheating with Sekai while stringing Kotonoha along because he’s too much of a ***** to break up with her.

It is brutal to watch Kotonoha convince herself that Makoto still loves her despite everyone telling her what’s happening. Here’s a three-episode synopsis of hell: Episode 8. Makoto “promises” to dance with Kotohona at the dance. Kotonoha sees her best friend, Satsuna, kiss Makoto. Episode 9. Kotonoha waits for Makoto who is secretly dancing with Sekai. Then it is HEAVILY implied that Makoto’s best friend, Taisuke, rapes Kotohona. Episode 10. After being raped, Kotonaha sees Makoto dancing with Sekai and literally loses her mind.

Then by episode 11, Makoto has cheated on Sekai with at least five other women, sending Sekai into her own crazy spiral before finding out she’s pregnant.

I’ll admit, I watched this show in one night. It made me that mad. I couldn’t look away, out of nothing but rage. Was that the creators’ strategy? – – Perhaps.

But wait,” you say. “Isn’t this a horror anime?” Well, out of seemingly nowhere, the last 10 minutes of episode 12 are f*cking nuts. It is BRUTAL revenge porn. I will note, seeing Makoto die is the most satisfying death scene ever. Oh god, that part’s good. This show is BARELY watchable, if only for that.

Honestly, I’ve never been more grateful for a license to expire with Viewster. You can’t watch it there – and you’re welcome. If you’re dying to know what the fuss is about, sound off below and PERHAPS they’ll bring it back. 

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