Secret Of Mana: SNES Classic Remade For PS4

Some say the combat can get a little repetitive.

Enemies take multiple hits to kill and the player must recharge his attack after each attack, and that slowed combat down considerably.

Fair enough, but again, the 90’s version was the same. Running around smashing cabbits over the head DID get kinda boring after awhile. If anything, this is true to the original. Maybe we’re just less patient these days? I call a draw.

Don’t expect a lot of detail.

While the new game overhauled most everything in the game, they chose to not include certain things that seem commonplace these days. Namely, characters mouths don’t move when they speak. Doesn’t seem like it would’ve taken much to add some flapping lips. This little detail would’ve added a little something extra, but no.

Secret of Mana may not look as good as the original, but the gameplay is less frustrating.

If you can find an original Super Nintendo copy of Secret of Mana, go for it. If not, grab this remake and relive some childhood joy, but stay open-minded. Newcomers, worry not. You’ll enjoy the hell out of this game!

Do you prefer the original or are you OK with the remake? Let us know down below.

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