Shiraito Sake: Checking In With Japan’s Fandom Brewery

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Even if you’re not big on alcohol, it’s pretty cool to see breweries with clever products. A favorite of ours is Shiraito Sake, the Fukuoka-based brewery blending traditional techniques with modern anime fandom. In the past, they’ve created custom sake for everything from Touken Ranbu to Naruto.

So what are they up to now? Let’s check in!

Prepping for AnimeJapan

Shiraito Sake: Checking In With Japan's Fandom Brewery

Comiket may take the top spot for geeky events, but AnimeJapan is the world’s biggest anime-specific event. This year, companies and vendors worked overtime to create special stock for the convention’s fifth anniversary. And Shiraito was no exception.

The brewery launched two new lines in honor of the occasion, with pre-sales starting at AnimeJapan. First up, a Tiger & Bunny duo launched in honor of the show’s incoming second season. Fans could grab collector boxes featuring a bottle each of the “Tiger” (traditional sake) and “Bunny” (plum wine) blends. Post-event, the brews are being sold separately.

For younger fans, or those who just don’t care for alcohol, there are the KING OF PRISM sets. Shiraito brewed up wine and sake to match the images of the various male idols of the anime films. Again, of course, each comes in a wooden collectible box.

A Sake for Everything

Curious about the rest of their stock? Their AnimeJapan booth showed off a cross-section of their wares… And no matter what you’re into, it looks like they’re into it, too!

Of course, titles like Yowamushi Pedal, Eureka Seven, and Bungo Stray Dogs got some love. There’s also a Fate/stay night [Heaven’s Feel] set themed to different Servants, including a rose wine for Rider.

For fans of vintage children’s shows, there’s a Gatchaman blend and two Yatterman brews — one for our heroes and one for the villainous Doronjo. And to keep the Tatsunoko love going, there’s an Infini-T Force box set with three types of wine and yuzu sake.

Giant robot fans won’t be disappointed, either. Their previous Votoms sake is still available. And GaoGaiGar fans can enjoy a box set of brews: one for the King of Braves himself, and a pair of bottles for the two halves of ChoRyuJin.

What will they come up with next? We can’t wait to find out! In the meantime, you can peruse their catalog online (in Japanese, of course).

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