They’re Here! 6 New “Love Live” Idols to Love!


The wait is over… kind of.

The mystery of the six other high school idols joining Love Live!‘s Perfect Dream Project has been solved. At first, fans thought they had it figured out based on a recent popularity poll of Normal girls from the app. With the top three being debuted first, it seemed natural that the other six would follow. But the silhouettes didn’t match any existing characters!


As it turns out, six completely new girls are joining the brawl. Ayumu, Kasumi, Karin, Ai, Setsuna (seen left) and Rina (seen below) are the latest additions. The official site gives you all the important info like ages, birthdays, blood types, and measurements. They also tease that all nine girls in this new unit have voice actresses soon to be announced.

So what exactly is Perfect Dream Project? Well, we still don’t know for sure. But we’re getting there. It seems that the nine girls in this unit will be part of a monthly popularity contest (with μ’s and Aqours members also up for votes), with the top three girls announced each month. The final results will be announced at the SchoolFest Thanksgiving 2017 event.


The really interesting bit? Even with all nine girls revealed, the site still says “And more…” underneath. What does this mean? Will there be an elimination aspect to the popularity contest? Are there more potential idols waiting in the wings to compete against the top three come this Thanksgiving? Is this some sort of long game?

Even with the huge info dump we’ve just gotten, there’s still a lot yet to discover. But it looks like it’s going to be lots of fun! And the designs — as expected — are all super cute.

Keep an eye on the official site with us as we watch the project develop! Got any theories on how things will go?



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