Some Must Read Convention Tips!

Ah, the smell of conventions is in the air. What a phenomenal time for anime fans and enthusiasts to gather around and geek out. We do it too. You’ve hung out with us at Anime-Expo, MCM London, and the likes.

So what goes into preparing for a convention? Well aside from packing your lucky outfit, you need to make sure you have what you need to survive convention weekend; sanity and patience being one of them.

Figure is optional of course.

For starters, enough clothes/outfits for the convention’s duration is a no-brainer. Hotel choice is simple, but you want to make sure that you picked the best one for your needs. The location is key in deciding if you have to walk or take a shuttle to and from; just remember that staying at the convention hotel isn’t always the best choice.

We strongly recommend you plan out what you are going to do for your food, but don’t worry too much about it for most conventions will have on station dining outlets or vendors. If you plan on splurging in the vendor hall you may want to make sure you got some extra fun money; figures are expensive but flashy. If you plan on taking pictures bring a camera (any one will do); just remember to get into the thick of it all and just have fun. If you are lucky you could also bump into some pretty rad convention guests and cosplay.

If bringing a camera, ensure you have all the camera swag you need.

Lastly, just have fun! Conventions are super rad and lots of fun so make the most of your one, two or three day experience; Just remember to bring us along for the ride…

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