Some Spicy Anime For the Mature Viewer!

Tuck the young ones into bed and dim the lighting cause tonight we’re watching some anime that’s not for the feint of heart! What’s wrong with being a little bit naughty this holiday season? You just sit back and enjoy these scandalous picks; we’ll take the blame!


AnotherEnter a spine chilling anime that is hardly shy from showing a bit of the violent side of life. This anime follows the ill fated students from Yomiyama North Middle School as they are haunted by the spirit of a dead student by the name of Misaki who proceeds to cause gruesome deaths to the students living in the present time. Will they succeed in ending the curse? Or will more blood have to be spilt?!

Stream it in IE and the UK!


Demon King DaimaoCome along for a ride to a harem side of life as we follow Akuto Sai during his tenure as his countries Demon King. This role is given to our main hero when his aptitude test reveals that he will be fated to become the aforementioned Demon King. Before you know it, he’s VERY popular with the ladies and leading a harem of his very own!

Stream it now almost everywhere


Triage X: You got a fever and we got a prescription just for you… Triage X follows a group of scantly-clad vigilante nurses on a mission to rid the streets of the scum that inhabit their town. These buxom babes combat germs and injuries by day and clash with the evils lurking in the night; all overseen by the hospital chairman of course. To top this anime off is a heaping dose of blood, guns and dismemberment! If this anime doesn’t top off your spicy list then we don’t know what will!

Stream it in AR, BR, CA, CO, MX, US! 

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