“Sonic Forces” Lets People Make Their Own Characters

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Recently, we clued you in on Sonic Mania, a “new old school” game for fans of the franchise. But Sega isn’t done there. There’s still one more new Sonic game on the way, and it’s bringing you a dose of nostalgia… in a slightly different way.

"Sonic Forces" Lets People Make Their Own Characters
Image source: Sega

Yes, Sonic Forces will let you team up with both Classic and Modern Sonic for two styles of gameplay. But it’s the third character you can play that has people’s interest: the Custom Hero. For the first time ever in a Sonic game, players will get to design their own character in the style of the games’ universe. You can choose from seven species, and a variety of colors, clothes, and gadgets.

In other words? Yes, you can finally play as that Sonic OC you drew in the back of your math notebook.

It seems fans are divided on this news, though. Many are excited, for obvious reasons. But others aren’t thrilled. Some sites have called the move “hideous,” while others accuse the franchise of “selling out” or “jumping the shark” by encouraging a certain camp of Sonic fans to insert their own made-up characters into the world of the game.

"Sonic Forces" Lets People Make Their Own Characters
Image Source: Nintendo Wire

Yes, it’s true that now those “weird” people who design their own self-insert characters can now actually put them into the game. Yes, it’s true that people who take the game more seriously than you do now have something special for them. And… what’s so bad about that?

At some point in every young fan’s life, we have all created a character — probably based on ourselves — that could live in our favorite fictional world. Whether it was a cartoon, a video game, a book, or what have you. Why? Because we’re children, and we want to be with our heroes. It’s true that teens and adults also create these characters… and some, perhaps, aren’t terribly family-friendly about it.

But imagine yourself, a Sonic fan, at ten years old and being told that you could make your own character. Imagine seeing it come to life on the screen. Imagine actually playing as it, and seeing it hang out with Sonic. You know, the way you wish you could. Would you not have loved that? Heck, doesn’t a part of you now like that?

A lot of people seem to be switching themselves off to this development because of Other People. And that’s a shame. Because it’s fun. It’s cute. It’s something that the fanbase wants, and giving the fanbase what it wants isn’t necessarily “selling out.” Sometimes it’s a matter of listening and observation.

In short… the Custom Hero is okay. The Custom Hero looks fun. If a kid you’ve never met uses it to recreate his emo purple rabbit OC, you’ll never know. It’s all in how you play. So enjoy.



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