Sony Acquires Streaming Service and Dubbing Company ‘FUNimation’

Sony Acquires Streaming Service and Dubbing Company 'FUNimation'

In case you missed it last week, mega corporation Sony is looking to add to its large and impressive collection. The most recent interest and future acquisition is the Flower Mound, Texas based company FUNimation… Otherwise known as the company responsible for bringing English dubs to the anime that we all know and love.

Sony Acquires Streaming Service and Dubbing Company 'FUNimation'
(Source: Kotaku)

Now the biggest question that I know you are all clamoring to ask, “What does this have to do with me?” Well it has a lot to do actually. Being one of the larger streaming providers in North America, it has a pretty big face value. Sony’s move looks to strengthen their streaming capacity abroad with this acquisition.

I’m admittedly a little worried about how this will affect current partnerships. Are we going to see a diminished and closed ecosystem? Is Sony attempting to gain ground on companies like Netflix or Amazon’s Anime Strike? I feel it’s too early to speculate, but speculate I shall!

Sony’s main priority is to strength their reach for their content streaming and distribution rights. Having a large distributor of both digital and home media is pretty much a steal for 150 million USD. Naturally, it does remain to be seen how they actually implement this acquisition as they need to pass regulatory rules and closing deals.

However, FUNimation has officially released a FAQ on the matter and is addressing questions directly. They stress that this change will affect nothing in the form of services and existing partnerships. Even still, I’m curious to see what effect this will eventually have on the North American and worldwide markets as a whole.

Sony Acquires Streaming Service and Dubbing Company 'FUNimation'
This could mean an incentivized push for streaming on Sony’s very own Playstation platform.

This could mean exclusive showings on their Playstation 4 or Playstation 3 platforms, as well as potential service bottlenecks.

Looks like we’ll have to wait and see.






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