Spider-Man Café Open in Japan, Limited Time Only

Spider-Man Café Open in Japan, Limited Time Only
Spider-Man Café Open in Japan, Limited Time Only
Image source: Roppongi Hills & en.rocketnews24.com

There is no country that sells a product or markets a movie quite like Japan. They are also the best at coming up with interesting new ideas to base cafés on. Right now, in order to promote the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming movie, a new Spider-Man café has popped up in the Roppongi Hills neighborhood of Tokyo. Japan has already fallen in love with Spider-Man before, now he is about to get a whole other level of attention and marketing support from the Marvel franchise.

He’s basically getting a brand new revival. These days comic book movies are getting an unprecedented amount of attention and praise all over the world. Japanese fans of the Marvel universe or of the friendly neighborhood wall-crawler now have an appetizing place to indulge their taste buds. The movie won’t open there until August, but this cafe is only open until July 15th. This temporary little pop-up cafe even came up with some specialized Spider-specific dishes.

Spider-Man Café Open in Japan, Limited Time Only

Spider-Man Café Open in Japan, Limited Time Only

There is the ‘Spider Curry,’ that is a spicy chicken curry with tomatoes along with rice balls shaped and designed to look like Spidey’s head. It’s their biggest selling dish and the main course offered by the café (it costs about $14USD). Then there is the ‘Spider-Sense Latte. The chocolate sprinkling on top is supposed to look like one of Spider-Man’s webs, but other than that it’s your basic necessary caffeine kick for the day. They also offer a strawberry ‘Spider-Squash’ that is a mixture of strawberry and lemon. No special Spider-Man look to it, but at least it looks tasty.

This movie will be the sixth time that Spider-Man has headlined a major motion picture, and if Marvel has anything to say about it, this is just the beginning of a whole saga of Spider-Man stories. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Spider-Man café became a recurring thing in Tokyo.

My question is why isn’t there already an Avengers restaurant? I mean, I’d try some Hulk-themed wasabi or Iron man style tempura dishes.

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