Splatoon 2: 5 Tips, Tricks, and Hidden Secrets

Splatoon 2: 5 Tips, Tricks, and Hidden Secrets
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Splatoon 2 is the sequel to the 2015 game of the same name, and still considered quite popular. It’s a basic third person shooter wrapped in a lively and graphic world. From the outside, it looks a bit childish (and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that). The game has only been out for a few weeks: these tips & tricks will get you started:

  1. Drop Everything and Get to Level 4: There are many features and modes kept from you until you achieve certain levels. The first important one being level 4. If you get there, you’ll have access to the weapon shop and the Salmon run mode. You can collect tickets in the offline version that increase your XP rewards in the online modes. It shouldn’t take too long either, experts recommend just diving into Deca Tower and grind through those early levels as quick as you can.
  2. Think Ahead and Outside the Box: The ink is what sets this game apart and makes it unique. It’s how you attack your enemies, dominate an area, and swim around the map. You can use your ink to swim up and over obstacles, hide in walls, or attack from unexpected vantage points. Swimming through the ink you’ve sprayed is faster than running and reloads your weapons at the same time, but swimming through an enemies ink hurts you and slows you down. If you pay attention to a foe’s ink you can cut off their means of escape and force a confrontation.
  3. Test Your Weapons and Watch Your Ink: When shopping for your weapons you need to be sure that you test your guns before you buy. Just press the Y button in the shop to test it out; each weapon fires differently. It’s also a pretty basic idea, but you will run out of ink and the only way to reload is swimming through your teams color so keep an eye on that ink level as you go.
  4. Don’t Skimp on the Super Jump: A lot of new Splatoon 2 players don’t always remember the super jump feature. Just pull up the map by tapping X and select an ally to super jump to their spot. You have to be careful though, because when you super jump the spot where you will land is revealed to your enemies before you get there. So choose your timing carefully and defend your allies when they super jump to you.
  5. Stealth and Espionage Can Win the Day: Yes, you can hide in the ink, but more than that you can gain an advantage by claiming terrain over fighting head-to-head. Some maps will let you reach the enemies spawning platform. So often players get into the battle and forget to guard their base. You can sneak into their home and ink the place before they even know whats up. On the other hand, make sure someone is watching your home base for the same reason.

I hope these tips can help you get a good head start in Splatoon 2!


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