(Spoiler-Free) Time For Battle In Godzilla: Monster Planet

Image: Toho and Netflix

The last live-action Godzilla film did well, but it didn’t exactly blow the doors off of Hollywood. Now, it’s redemption time because Godzilla: Monster Planet is here! For those catching up, the story takes us thousands of years in the future and pits the remains of the human race against a giant ancient version of the giant lizard we all know. You’ll get everything from a gigantic lizard monster, battle ready mech suits, flying motorcycles with machine guns, and high-flying dragon monsters.

This is basically the start of a whole new franchise. We already know that this is the first of three planned films on this new version of earth as a planet of monsters. Mechagodzilla will make its return to the canon of the most famous Japanese kaiju in the next installment. Sadly, we don’t know anything about the third installment… and it’s likely still a few years off.

Recent advancements in live-action special effects did a fairly good job of capturing the power of Godzilla, but it’s nuts that this is the first animated movie in the franchise as a whole. There was an American cartoon series I actually watched that followed the 90’s Matthew Broderick Godzilla film and I would say it was easily better than the film that inspired it. However, anime seems like the obvious place to take him and this should have happened already.

Godzilla: Monster Planet is available on Netflix across the world, be sure to check it out and let us know what you think about Godzilla’s latest outing.

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