Sprint And Pokémon GO Want To Send You To Japan!

pokémon go trip to japan sprint contest
Pikachu Outbreak 2016. Image source: The Pokémon Company

Right off the bat, I should let everyone know this contest is open only to those in the United States (my sincerest apologies to our friends outside the US). But for those of us who still play Pokémon GO in the states, you might want to pay attention. Sprint wants to send you and three of your friends to Yokohama for the Pikachu Outbreak Festival in August! The awesome prize does not end there. You get to spend five days in Japan and receive $6,250 in gift cards to spend.

pokémon go trip to japan sprint contest
Pikachu Parade” by Yoshikazu Takada. Reused under CC BY.

The Pikachu Outbreak Festival is a sight to behold. The festival itself lasts for a week (August 9th-15th), but the parade takes place on August 14th. Over 1,500 Pikachus will flood the festival and this year’s theme has caused quite the stir. The name is Pikachu Dake Ja Nai Pikachu Tairyo Hasseichu or ‘The Not Just Pikachu Pikachu Outbreak.’ With a name like that, there’s a high chance we’ll be seeing a ton of our pocket monster friends in the parade this year.

You begin by signing up here (if you want to send some points my way, click here). If you do the extreme bare minimum, you can enter once per day. However, there is a way to earn up to 100 entries per day. Sprint lets you earn points by visiting their website, watching some videos, and getting friends to sign up for this Trainer Rewards Trip to Japan sweepstakes. It takes less than 10 minutes to click all their links and about another 5  to do all 100 entries. Seriously though, what’s 15 minutes a day when a free trip to Japan is at stake? You can continue entering until the contest ends on July 7th.

If any of you happen to win, make sure to learn some Japanese basics, visit a vibrator bar, and get your butt to Kyoto. Oh, also maybe invite me so we can catch a Farfetch’D together!

pokémon go trip to japan sprint contest
You will be mine!


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