Stan Lee Teams Up With Hiroshi Nagahama for The Reflection

the reflection
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I love it when East and West cultures collide. Like the upcoming Star Wars manga. Or how Studio Ghibli and Disney have been partnering to share Miyazaki films with the world.

Well, it’s about time for more great news, this time out of Seattle’s Sakura-con.

Stan Lee of Marvel Comics announced his partnership with Hiroshi Nagahama to create The Reflection back in 2015. The worldwide premier was finally announced for July 2017. Here’s a teaser trailer:


The Reflection is an upcoming anime series heavily influenced by American superhero comics. You definitely get that sense from this trailer. There is a strong anime feel to the clip, but the flying hero is reminiscent of Iron Man or Superman.

Nagahama, who’s known for Yawara!, Detroit Metal City, Mushi-Shi, and Flowers of Evil, has always been influenced by western comics. In an interview with OtakuUSA, he says he’s always preferred the detailed artwork, realistic designs, and episodic series structure found in comics like Spider-Man. And since characters are recreated regularly, kids can be fans along with their parents and even grandparents.

The 12 part series is by no means the product of Lee and┬áNagahama alone – this is a collaborative effort.

Lee is credited as the work’s creator with Nagahama as co-creator and character designer, while Yoshihiko Umakoshi is adapting the designs for animation. British composer Trevor Horn is producing the series music while Japanese pop group 9nine is performing the ending credit music and appearing as heroes in the show itself.

Looking at the people involved, I’d say this show’s gonna be pretty good.

Let us know what you think about this collision of comic book styles in the comments below.


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