Steam’s Video Game Sale: Last Chance To Stock Up In 2017

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There’ something wonderful about maxing-out my credit cards while rocking the sweatpants. And like every year, Steam took a big chunk of my money on Black Friday. No sale is sweeter than Steam’s, and there’s another one coming.

Steam sales blast past the standard discount and offer games for next to nothing (and nope, this isn’t an ad). We’re talking loads of games 10-90% off. Not just crappy titles though – you’ll find these deals on older AAA releases and just about EVERY indie title on the site.

Some deals I took advantage of:

And there were others. I got enough to keep me busy for months. Plus, I had to pass on a lot of deals just because it was getting hard to justify – and my bank might get a little suspicious with my credit card activity… Just to list a few I passed on:

Their upcoming Winter sale lasts from December 21st to January 1st and is usually just as good as the Black Friday sale. Great chance to grab some good games for cheap – and it could be a lifesaver if you forgot to buy your gamer loved ones a Christmas gift. Just sayin’.

Anyone planning on taking advantage of this last badass sale? We’re all looking for great new games, so let us know what you’re getting in the comments.

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