“Street Fighter” Fans Rock Out to Save Public Schools

"Street Fighter" Fans Rock Out to Save Public Schools
Image source: StreetFighterRVA on Bandcamp

What do you get when you bring together 20 local hip-hop artists, a popular fighting game, and a good cause? Well, if you’re local DJ 8-Bit Mullet, you have twelve amazing tracks of burning hot classic game music… and some hope for the public school system.

Hip-Hop for a Cause

"Street Fighter" Fans Rock Out to Save Public Schools
Image source: StreetFighterRVA on Bandcamp

Street Fighter: The RVA Warrior features members of Richmond, Virginia’s entertainment community who all had two things in common: they love Street Fighter, and they want to help their city. In particular, they want to help Building a Better RPS, a local charity benefiting public schools. Area schools are desperately in need of repair inside and out. But those repairs will take 12,000 man hours in total and $1,800 per building: money that could be going to teacher salaries or kids’ school supplies.

Local hip-hop artists like Black Liquid and Lithium God have teamed up to make hot remixes of Street Fighter themes. From Guile’s theme to the Player Select music, you can turn this on, bang the bass, and dance along. Plus, your money will be helping rebuild local schools and give money back to the teachers who work there.

"Street Fighter" Fans Rock Out to Save Public Schools
Image source: Arcade-Museum.com

The album even had a release party back home. Locals got to take part in tournaments, costume contests, and sampling of a “Hundred Hop Slap” IPA. They also did a live Twitch stream of the premiere for people who couldn’t make it.

Lucky for you, you don’t have to be nearby to help!

Head over to the album’s Bandcamp site and sample the remixes. And if you like what you hear, you can buy yourself a digital or hard copy at pay-what-you-want pricing. CDs have a minimum price of $9.99 and were pressed in a limited batch of 50. Purchase of the CD also includes high-quality digital downloads of the album and unlimited streaming of the tunes via the Bandcamp app.

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