Super Seducer: Super Sleezy Or Much Ado About Nothing?

But both camps suffer from the same ethical conundrum – it’s about manipulation. Justify it however you want, they’re using manipulation tactics. That is unethical.

I get that men could use more confidence around women, but I wonder if PUAs could offer their confidence-building advice without being total douchers about it.

Maybe I’m wrong – I honestly don’t know. But I’m constantly turned away when I hear lines like:

If you’re not good at cooking, you better be really good at sucking d***

It’s unclear whether Richard La Ruina said this as an example of ‘what to say’ or ‘what not to say’ (omg I’m hoping ‘what not to say’), but it does make me think, if he feels the need to point out that to his audience that saying that is inappropriate, maybe he’s met guys who actually say things like that to women. Maybe guys need more help out there than I thought…

Ok, rant over.

For some reason it’s mildly more acceptable when stuff like this ends up in anime-based dating games or simulators… But PUAs? Yikes.

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