Tearjerkers: 5 Anime Scenes That Will Make You Cry

I admit it: I’m a sucker for a good tearjerker anime. I think that can be said for many of us who watch anime. One thing I actually love about this genre is that is often does tell stories that can generate powerful emotional responses such as crying. So, today I’ve decided to share with you some of the most sob-inducing scenes from anime available here on Viewster.

I must warn you though, that this article will contain some pretty major spoilers for Cross Ange, Inou Battle Within Everyday Life, OreImo 2, Yatterman Night and Your lie in April so go catch up with all those series before reading this article. Don’t worry I’ll wait for you… alright, all ready now? Ok, let’s dig in!

Cross Ange

Hilda Visits Her Mother.

This happens in the first third or so of the series. Ange and Hilda have escaped from the island and are off to visit their respective families only to find that things aren’t going as they expect especially in Hilda’s case. In her case her mother has basically completely forgotten about her and moved on with her life. When she does finally remember who Hilda is she reacts with extreme fear and orders her to leave her presence leaving Hilda to walk away completey heartbroken. Cross Ange doesn’t have many emotionally powerful scenes but this is one of them.

Cross Ange

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When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace

Hatoko Goes Off On Jurai.

Throughout this series, you could always count on Hatoko to be the quiet, polite girl who went along with whatever Jurai did, because that’s just who she was and how strongly she felt about him. However, towards the end of the series she finally reaches her limit and has a tearful screaming scene, that will absolutely break your heart as she unburdens herself and unloads her soul onto Jurai. It’s an amazing scene that really brings Hatoko to life, and makes her much more three dimensional than she had ever been at any previous point in the series.

When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace

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OreImo 2

Kirino Comforts Her Heartbroken Brother.

In the second season of OreImo, fans finally got their wish and saw Kuroneko and Kyousuke hook up, only to see it all come crashing down as she breaks up with him a couple of episodes later. After the breakup, Kyousuke is naturally heartbroken which leads to one of the more touching scenes of the series of Kirino comforting her brother, and telling him that she’ll always be there for him. Kirino doesn’t often show her dere dere side but when she does, like in this instance, it’s really hard to not absolutely adore her and maybe even for a moment wish that you could have a little sister just like her.


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Yatterman Night (UK/IE or Europe)

Leopard’s Mother Dies.

Yatterman Night wastes absolutely zero time with getting the audience in the mood to cry, by killing Leopard’s mother almost right away. You can’t get much more emotionally impactful than that and this series delivers it hard. If you don’t shed a single tear at this moment of the series I have to question what material your heart is made out of.

Yatterman Night

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Your lie in April

Kaori’s legs won’t work in the hospital hallway.

Your lie in April is a series that despite barreling downhill towards a tragic ending that we all know is coming, hasn’t had a lot of moments that will bring tears to your eyes. However, recently they have dialed things up and this scene is a great example of that. It’s dark, Kaori is alone in the hospital and she is trying to walk down the hallway when suddenly her legs give out and she can no longer walk under her own power. She begs her body to comply but it refuses to listen. Then her tears started and so did mine. We all now by now where this series is headed but this moment really hammered it home, and made it feel all the more real.

Your lie in April

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