Tezuka’s Rainbow Parakeet Will Steal Your Heart Onstage

Tezuka's Rainbow Parakeet Prepares to Steal Your Heart Onstage
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Even if you’re a dedicated Osamu Tezuka fan, you may not know the name Rainbow Parakeet. The theatrical gentleman thief isn’t one of the creator’s biggest names, but he’s certainly a beloved one.

And this month, he’s taking the stage with a little help from some idols.

Tezuka's Rainbow Parakeet Prepares to Steal Your Heart Onstage
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Heroic Understudy

By day, Rainbow Parakeet is a professional understudy. And, as his name suggests, he is an excellent mimic, able to take on just about any persona. But his real passion is for stealing. He commits his crimes during performances, lifting valuables off audience members and actors alike.

Hot on his tail are Inspector Senri and Senri’s daughter Mariko. But there’s a catch — Mariko has also fallen in love with Rainbow Parakeet.

Each story in the manga paid homage to a classic play or playwright, ranging from Ibsen to Shakespeare. And while he may not have gotten his own anime, Rainbow Parakeet has appeared on the small screen. Thanks to the Tezuka Star System (the creator’s recycling of characters), he’s had two other roles. Catch him as Sherlock Homespun in the original Astro Boy, or as the terrorist Kato in the 2003 remake!


Tezuka's Rainbow Parakeet Prepares to Steal Your Heart Onstage
Source: Anime! Anime!

Stealing the Spotlight

Rainbow Parakeet will finally get his moment in the spotlight — literally — this month. He’s the star of his own stage musical, written by Magia Record show writer Masafumi Hata. Plus, his show will be the first-ever meeting place of Nogizaka46 and Keyakizaka46 members!

Members of the sister groups have never appeared together in an official performance, but that changes now. Nogizaka46’s Jun’na Ito stars as Rainbow Parakeet, with Keyakizaka46’s Konoka Matsuda as Detective Mariko Senri. The cast also includes stars of Takarazuka and 2.5D anime stage performances.

Update: Shows are selling out now. Stay tuned for more on its theatrical stories and Tezuka’s wild visuals.


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