That Meme You Like Is Coming Back: 10 Years Of “Caramelldansen”

The Rise of the Caramella Girls

In 2008, a new band stepped in where Caramell had been: the Caramella Girls. The group embraced the anime community’s love of the meme and became a trio of anime girls. All original members of Caramell had moved on, leaving a new group of three. Racheal Alicost (Mindy), Lucky McSozzen (Nadine), and Karin Ellis (Véra) began creating new tracks.

First, of course, was making the original meme accessible in multiple languages — and that included the Japanese mishearing of the lyrics!

Over time, the Caramella Girls began recording new tunes and making new videos. And this month, they went back to where it all began.The Caramella Girls released a remastered video of their original “Caramelldansen,” with new animation and improved character models. And even if you only remember the meme as a fleeting memory, watching the vid will bring it all rushing back.

Were you part of the Uma Uma Boom? Do you remember when “Caramelldansen” was first popular? Tell us your memories in the comments!





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