The 10 Best Video Games Of 2017: Part II

2017s best video games 2 The 10 Best Video Games Of 2017: Part II

We spent our year playing long and strong. We played, we nominated, we decided. Here, in completely random order are the 10 best video games of 2017.

Before you check out our top 5, read part I here.

5. Nier: Automata

Nier: Automata follows the battles of a combat android, her companion, and a fugitive prototype. It dramatizes the terrible, cyclical nature of life while simultaneously finding moments of joy and pathos within it. Nier: Automata tells a story of hope and failure and death and rebirth from every angle possible. Plus, it’s got an incredible mix of different gameplay genres.

NieR:Automata™ The 10 Best Video Games Of 2017: Part II
(Steam / ©2017 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD.)

4. Nioh

Experiencing Nioh to the fullest is a major time investment, but the excitement and challenge never wear off even dozens of hours down the line. It’s very easy to get lost in dojo training and the highly difficult Twilight missions, which offer tempting rewards and even more dangers than the main story.

Nioh The 10 Best Video Games Of 2017: Part II
(Steam / ©2017 Valve Corporation)

3. Persona 5

If the opening hours of Persona 5 are like starting a massive novel, then the closing hours are like finishing one, complete with the bittersweet finality of turning the last page. But it also carries an immense sense of satisfaction. After 100 hours of playing, you’ll have a connection with the characters, know your way around the world, and dammit, fun will be had. You become a resident of Persona 5 the more you play it, and it has the rare ability to transport in a way few games can.

Persona 5 The 10 Best Video Games Of 2017: Part II

2. Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey delivers on that ongoing promise of originality and innovation: It distills the venerable series’ joyful, irreverent world and characters and best-in-class platforming action, and introduces a steady stream of new and unexpected mechanics. It’s all spun together into a generational masterpiece.

PS – Grab a few game secrets here

Super Mario Odyssey™ The 10 Best Video Games Of 2017: Part II
(Super Mario Odyssey™ / Nintendo)

1.Yakuza 0

Since it’s a prequel, it’s unburdened by the series’ increasingly intricate backstory and thus far more approachable for newcomers than the last few Yakuza games. While its melee combat may lag slightly behind modern genre standards, Yakuza 0 still hits far more than it misses and is a big, bold and bruising tour through the Japanese underworld.

Yakuza 0 The 10 Best Video Games Of 2017: Part II

Winners win, and dammit these games score 10/10. Who’d we  miss??? Let us know in the comments below!

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