The Epic Lesson Of Tenjho Tenge

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The time has come to join Souichiro and Bob as they hone their martial arts skills, demonstrating to the world and to themselves that they are the hardest, greatest martial artists to exist (been there). Adventure, violence, and lust await you in today’s newest Viewster addition: Tenjho Tenge. What you probably weren’t expecting was a life lesson of the ages: one to know pre-during-and post your Viewster viewing party.

Read on for the insight, stream the series for the wisdom.



“Ki”. Spirit, soul, substance, self. Call it what you what, but to understand the journey you’re about to embark upon during Tenjho Tenge, you must undecombat scene terijho tengerstand that physical strength comes from “ki”. Masataka demonstrates this early in the series, and you’ll learn it time and time again in life. People are INCREDIBLE.

In honor of “ki” and all of the glory that comes with it, check out these epic real life superstar fighters, destined for the Juken Club:


Dai Andrews

Dai is a master of mind-over-body demonstrations. He leverages martial arts & meditation to perform feats worthy of the Toudou Academy; might we warn you… It’s cringe worthy.



The Shaolin Monks

This group of hypnotic fighters make Mortal Kombat look like child’s play. The Shaolin Monks claim to have obtained their incredible combat skills from a 17th century manual called Yi Jin Jing. If you ask us, it’s got the Executive Council written all over it.


If there’s one thing you’ll learn throughout the greatness that is Tenjho Tenge, it’s that you’re capable  of accomplishing some pretty epic feats, should you want to do that sort of thing. Throw on a sweatband and practice your combat moves as you tune in tonight; Tenjho Tenge is all about the art of combat.

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