A Forgotten Art: 3 Must-Watch Anime Music Videos

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(AMV Creator: Koopiskeva)

Back in the mid-2000s (thanks in large part to the creation of YouTube), a new art form emerged on the internet—AMVs, or Anime Music Videos. These videos were created by ripping scenes from an anime and pairing them to music (albeit, totally illegally). It was a niche anime medium that not only exposed you to new anime, but maybe a new artist as well… So despite the scandal, they were well loved.

God knows most of them weren’t great, and they definitely weren’t original (you can only see Goku powering up to Linkin Park about 3 times before you lose consciousness, much less 224,000 times). But for every 100 bad AMVs, there were some real masters creating unbelievable, awe-inspiring masterpieces.

But before I show you three of my favorite* AMVs, I want to remind you of something. These are from the mid-2000s. Think about how long making these would take now and rewind the technology 12-15 years.

What these individuals pulled off must have taken months, if not a year or longer. Click through to see all three masterpieces.

‘Euphoria’ is the first AMV I ever saw thanks in large part to That Dude in the Suede, and god did it set an unreal standard. This won AMV of the Year in 2003 (yes, that was a real thing). Re-watching it 10 years later still gives me chills. The editing in this AMV is master class. The manipulation of the anime to match the emotions in the song is brilliant. And the use of graphics would still amaze me if it was made today. And shout out to this AMV for introducing me to Frou Frou and Imogen Heap.


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