The Metal Gear Solid Movie: Here’s Everything We Know

The Metal Gear Solid Movie: Here's Everything We Know
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The Metal Gear Solid video game series is yet another franchise that has circled the cinemas for years. Now, there’s been some traction towards making it a reality.

Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts has officially been attached to the project (you know him from films like The Kings of Summer and Kong: Skull Island)… and he’s working directly alongside Hideo Kojima (Metal Gear Solid’s creator).

According to him,

No one else but [Vogt-Roberts] can direct Metal Gear Solid.

It’s damn reassuring for fans that Kojima has given Vogt-Roberts his seal of approval. If reports are to be believed, they have finished a draft of the script and started pre-production.

Even better, to celebrate the 31st anniversary, Vogt-Roberts has gotten together with a slew of artists to create brand new concept art for the film. This month, he’s been releasing one piece of Metal Gear art every single day on his Twitter account.

Obviously, we’re hoping these concept art pieces include clues about what we’re going to see in the film:

Here’s another:

Checkout the hashtag #METALGEAR31st for more artwork previews of what this film might end up looking like.

It’s tough to imagine someone really nailing the atmosphere of the Metal Gear Solid world. The espionage action might seem like Mission: Impossible or James Bond-esque, but it has other aspects that would tricky to put in any mainstream film. They’ll have to incorporate pretty complex philosophical ideas… plus surreal dream-like sequences.

Here’s to hoping this video game adaptation nails it.

If the Metal Gear film is successful, there have also been reports that Vogt-Roberts has a pitch for a Metroid Prime film.





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