The Most ‘Appetizing’ Food in Anime


The huge appetite of a Saiyan is known across the universe, but it’s not the giant feasts of Dragon Ball Z that get us salivating. It’s the tiny Senzu Bean! These little green beans are said to taste like fish, but it’s not the flavour we’re interested in–it’s the amazing strength-restoring properties. After munching on a Senzu Bean, even Krillin is transformed into a formidable opponent!


This food is another we didn’t choose exactly for the taste… Natto. Described by many to smell of stinky cheese, Natto is a fermented soy bean product and the favorite food of Gintama’s Sarutobi Ayame. In fact, not only is Natto Sa-chan’s favorite food, it is also one of her preferred weapons, slowing down her enemies with its sticky texture.

The next questionable food to grace our list of ‘appetizing’ anime food comes to us from Attack on Titan. You’re probably thinking to yourself, “Wait, I’ve watched every episode of AoT twelve times, what food could they be talking about?” Well, sorry Sasha, it’s not potatoes–it’s dude. As the classic anime joke goes, A Titan’s favorite meal is Raw-Men. No show makes the consumption of human flesh look so downright scrumptious!

KillLaKillKill la Kill is a gorgeous tale of intrigue and revenge, action and suspense; yet Sukuyo Mankanshoku’s mystery croquettes seem to steal the show! Almost every episode includes scenes of people scarfing down these golden brown lumps of goodness that, despite being filled with everything from fish heads to unpeeled oranges, still manage to look delicious!


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