The Nightmare Before Christmas Gets A Manga Sequel

The Nightmare Before Christmas Gets A Manga Sequel
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Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas quickly became a cult classic in the early 90s. It didn’t break any box-office records, but became a favorite among critics for its darkly original aesthetic. It was also a major achievement in stop-motion film making and set a new standard.

The original film came out over twenty years ago, but somehow it still hangs on in the public psyche. It blew up on VHS and DVD and soon everyone was falling in love with the story of Jack Skellington, Sally, and the denizens of Halloweentown. It was just one little movie that earned a fair amount of money and became a phenomenon for so many fans.

The makers danced around the idea of a sequel and the rumor mill would perk up with every new Tim Burton project. Tim Burton himself has always been very protective over the characters he created and actually shut down a possible computer animated sequel that Disney wanted to make. There was a Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie’s Revenge video game that continued the story a bit. The famed Halloweentown also made an appearance in the Kingdom Hearts franchise of video games. There have been various tie-in board games and even its own versions of Munchkin and Jenga. Up until recently any continuation of the film’s story only existed in fan fiction, but now that is about to change.

Tokyopop has announced that there will be a manga graphic novel sequel to the Nightmare Before Christmas called Nightmare Before Christmas: Zero’s Journey. This adaptation follows in the foot steps of other Tokyopop manga adaptations of American properties. It isn’t a new movie, but it is one of the few official continuations of the story. The book will follow Jack Skellington’s dog as he gets lost in Christmas Town. The story will be released in individual issues before being collected and printed in larger more normal manga versions. DJ Milky is writing this brand new story and Studio DICE is handling the art responsibilities.

The book is set to come out in spring 2018.



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