The Unexpected Adventure of Pokemon Go!

With Pokemon Go officially hitting the U.S. on the Apple App Store, I have finally found myself involved in my personal, Pokemon Adventure. The app, while launching first in Australia and New Zealand, has left fans worldwide glued to their phones ever since the first bit of news began to appear on larger media outlets. Having just installed it not more than an hour ago now, I can safely say that it is well worth the wait and more. Taking from the former game, Ingress by Niantic Inc, Pokemon Go is shaping up to become one of Niantic’s & Pokemon Company’s best mobile game yet. Now, you do not need to know a lick of what Ingress was or played like, just bear in mind that player who did play Ingress will be a bit more familiar with the system. The game is reliant on the player travelling around the real world, phone in hand in order to capture said Pokemon. While wandering around the local neighborhood, you can encounter various points of interest. These points of interest can range from a Pokemon Gym to Pokestop’s. Pokemon that are encountered will vary depending on the area you are in. The geographical area you are in will have an influence on the types of pokemon that you can catch. For example, if I were to run to my local river, I should be able to catch Magikarp or Goldeen; granted some users have found Margikarp’s on the road or in their shower. That is just one great aspect that Pokemon Go has to it’s name, Adventure of the unknown. The unknown chance of what Pokemon will be in the area is just positively exciting! Wondering if I will run into my favorite Pokemon at my place of work or local grocery store, will be thoughts that cross our minds and grace our Facebook pages. Now, while I personally have yet to travel around my local city, I have had some input from friends who have played the beta. IMG_1510IMG_1516

Now the game will have a few preset gym locations. These Gyms are essential Player versus Player area’s in which trainers, once they hit level 5, can face off to prove their Pokemon’s worth. Now, we lack the typical ‘select attack and fight’ format but what we get is a general power level that ultimately determines who wins. The player simply has to tap and swipe to attack and dodge. These gyms are currently the only way you can challenge other trainers to Pokemon battle’s. You also have another area of interest and that is a Pokestop. Pokestops will be a trainer’s best friend as they will allow you to grab some extra Pokeballs or even a Pokemon egg!  These locations may be local churches, landmarks or busy stores that many players may frequent. The game also comes with items that can help you catch, hatch or level up. Items may be purchased to increase your Pokemon’s power level and may also be used in their evolution. Evolution’s will require specific items in order to get your Charmander to evolve into a Charmeleon. Of course you also got helpful items like Pokeballs and Incense; the incense allowing you to stay in one location as it attracts local Pokemon towards you. There are micro-transactions within the game, allowing the player to purchase the in-game currency, Pokecoins, in order to purchase items that you wish to grab, such as Incense or Egg Incubators.

IMG_1511 IMG_1518

As far as other social interactions, there will be the ability to join player teams later in the game finally giving us the ability to make our own, Team Rocket or Team Viewster. These teams may have events in which they may be forced to clash in order to prove that their Pokemon are the superior ones. Other social interactions may include players being given the option of forming their own Gyms! What that entails has not been figured out yet, due to the game just having launched, I can imagine it will allow you to set what set of Pokemon trainers will have to face when they enter your gym. The unexpected adventures that await the player when they set foot out the door is what is most exciting about this new game. Just being able to wake up, grab a pair of good walking shoes and setting foot on our own Pokemon adventure, has us all excited and pumped to become the Pokemon trainer that we all wanted to be when playing those amazing games.

Plan on downloading the app? Already got it? Found a Magikarp in your pasta? Let us know in the comments below on what you think about this new game from Niantic Inc & The Pokemon Company!

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