4 Hilariously Weird Weapons In Gaming

weird weapons in gaming
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Sure, some video game creators spend hundreds of thousands (or even millions) of dollars to create environments that replicate real life, all the way down to the branding of its weaponry. These games are incredible because they get you as close to realistic action as most of us will ever see. That’s not what this post is about.

Other creators opt for weapons that are so fantastical, so unrealistic you play specifically for the fantasy of the tool.

These 4 weapons are pure bizarre genius:

Dead Space 2: Hand Cannon

Dead Space 2 is difficult enough on its normal setting. The Hard Core setting? It’s an exercise in masochism. No checkpoints. Only three saves per game. But if you do manage to complete the game on Hard Core, you receive the mightiest weapon in the game: a red, foam sports hand. Just point (literally) at someone, and fire. You can hear your character, Isaac Clarke, yelling “BANG BANG!” as Necromorphs explode around you.

Alice – Madness Returns: Pepper Grinder

In 2000, American McGee’s Alice took Lewis Carroll’s topsy-turvy tales and gave them a dark, surreal twist. The Cheshire Cat looked like a mangy stray. The Mad Hatter was an evil scientist who experimented on the March Hare. And Alice, now a teenager, armed herself with a series of “toys,” such as a deck of playing cards and a set of dice. For the sequel, Alice: Madness Returns, the developers added more toys to Alice’s repertoire. And the most unique one is the Pepper Grinder. When turned, it fires a barrage of peppercorns at Alice’s enemies. It is both charming and distinctly Carroll-esque to give a mundane, household appliance such lethal effectiveness.

Red Faction – Armageddon: Mr. Toots

Your reward for completing the Red Faction: Armageddon storyline is Mr. Toots, a unicorn who blasts rainbow magic from his butt. You can hardly believe what you’re looking at; It’s cute and wrong at the same time. And the best part is the expression on Mr. Toot’s face, which is the sort of look a person might give if he was kicked in the crotch while passing a kidney stone.

Saint Row IV: Dubstep Gun

The Saints Row franchise is inherently ridiculous. The fourth installment stars the head of the Third Street Saints and President of the United States, who must use his superpowers to defend Earth against an alien attack. To stand out against that sort of extreme background, a weapon must be truly bizarre and out of left field. Enter the Dubstep Gun.

It makes the civilians dance. It makes the cars bounce on their hydraulics. And it plays a sick wub-wub-wub to get your impromptu dance party started.

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