Buckle Up: There’s Literally A Devilman Car

There's Literally A Devilman Car
Source: Anime! Anime!

Do you love Devilman Crybaby? How much? Like, “Buy the only limited-edition car based on the series” levels? …Because that’s an option now.

After the success of the Devilman reboot, creator Go Nagai got together with Mitsuoka to create a devilishly gorgeous car — and one lucky fan will be driving it soon.

There's Literally A Devilman Car
Source: Internet Movie Cars Database

Meet The Mitsuoka Orochi

If you’re a Devilman Crybaby fan, you’ll already be familiar with Ryo Asuka’s unforgettable ride. The Mitsuoka Orochi is a very real car with a very big price tag. The Orochi was unveiled in 2001 as a concept car, and manufactured a production version five years later. Sales were limited, and later variants were equally difficult to get your hands on.

Mitsuoka stopped producing the Orochi in 2014, bowing out with a final run of five cars. Since then, only one other Orochi has been produced: a limited-edition Evangelion version, with a run of only one vehicle.

But thanks to its popularity in the new Netflix series, one more — and just one — is going on the market.

There's Literally A Devilman Car

Devilish By Design

If you’re looking for a clone of Ryo’s sleek white ride… well, that’s not what we’re getting. Dare we say — what we’re getting is cooler.

The red & black Devilman Orochi is the brainchild of Mitsuoka and Go Nagai. The paint job looks sweet on a sports car, and evokes the design of both the modern series and the character of Devilman himself. We can only imagine it’s super-fun to drive… if you’re brave enough to take it out of the garage!

The price and release date are both unknown at this point. But we’re envious of the lucky fan who will be able to pony up the cash for this rarest of rare collector’s items. Stay tuned for its unveiling later this year!

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