This Anime Will Make You Beg For a Second Season

It’s been long established throughout my writing career that I am a sucker for a good shoujo series. Show me a good romantic comedy and you have a happy camper on your hands. 2014 has been a great year for shoujo series with every season offering up at least one or two shoujo titles for fans to take in but today I want to talk about one in particular available here on Viewster called The World Is Still Beautiful.

In this fantasy series, a young girl named Nike who has the power to make the rain fall by singing a special song has been transported to a far away kingdom in order to marry their king. Only when she gets there she finds out that their king is actually a young boy who is very used to getting everything he wants and will have it no other way. Over the course of the series, these two will learn to live together and find out what it will take in order for them to live happily ever after as husband and wife.


If you like romantic comedies or fantasies, this is going to be your cup of tea. ‘Sweet’ and ‘charming’ are two great words to describe this one, and I’m certain that the king would be willing to lock up anyone who says otherwise in the royal prison.

Whenever I watch a series, there are two questions in particular I ask myself to determine how good it is; is the story good/plausible, and are the characters likeable? These are the two qualities that I look for every time I pick something up because I believe them to be the foundation to every good series out there and it has to have both qualities in order to succeed because who cares about the story if you don’t like the characters and vice versa. I’m pleased to say that The World Is Still Beautiful succeeds on both of these points.

What makes this series so special is the relationship between Livius and Nike and how it grows over the course of the episodes. At first the two might as well be considered bitter rivals with how much they are at each other’s throats. As the series progresses though a mutual respect and even love blossoms between them and they realize that they each possess qualities which make the other better. By the end of the series they are even supporting each other every step of the way showing a solid give and take.


If I had to choose one downside to this series which will frustrate viewers to no end it would be the music. While the background music throughout each episode is perfectly acceptable and passable, the audience should be prepared to become absolutely sick and tired of Nike’s rain song. Not only is it a pop song which seems drastically out of place in a fantasy series but it is performed ALL THE TIME.

The World Is Still Beautiful is a series that I would gladly recommend to anyone who wants to pass a few hours with a strong heroine and her strongheaded fiance. Sweet and fun, when I think back on all the fun series I was able to watch in 2014 I will remember this one fondly and smile.

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