This One Gaming Platform Could Rule Them All

You need to have an insanely amazing internet connection.

Critics of the new technology say that a hard-wired Ethernet connection would likely solve this problem, but Ethernet is a dying technology. WiFi is the standard and there’s no going back.

Good news though. The solution is just around the corner – 5G wireless internet.┬áThe internet provider gods have prophecized a 5G roll-out in the US over the next couple years, then internationally soon after. 5G offers speeds on par with Ethernet connections, but without the cable connection.

This will obviously work in Blade’s favor.

So while Blade isn’t ready to become a household name, it just might be within a few years. Hardware and networks just needs a little time to catch up.

Blade is currently available in California, where all new technology lives. If you’re there you can subscribe now to be a product guinea pig, but don’t be surprised if you experience poor streaming quality and rage-worthy lag time.

Just give it time.




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